About Us

2.0 LLC was founded by Kirk Young in memory of close friend and Simeon High School and Eastern Michigan University football legend, Demarius Reed who tragically lost his life due to gun violence in 2014. As an entrepreneur, Kirk found a way to combine his love for smoke products while ensuring that the legacy of #2 (Reed) lives on forever. 

Pack whatever you enjoy smoking in one of our hand rolled cigars or enjoy a natural  Hemp pre-rolled cone. On the go? We have the perfect rolling trays so that you can conveniently make a nice spliff out of our 2.0 Hemp Rolling Papers. It’s that easy!

Take a puff and share a moment with someone who’s forever in your heart. 2.0 LLC caters to all communities just like our competitors. What’s the hype? Authenticity, culture appreciation and OUR promise to reinvest into our communities! All money in!